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FREE Windows Live Family Safety 2011

FREE Windows Live Family Safety 2011

Keep an eye on your kids
The kids are online and you’re busy—Family Safety is there to help. Use activity reports to monitor your kids’ computer activity. Choose websites, games, and programs they can access. Even set time periods when they can use the computer. So go ahead, be busy. Family Safety can help keep an eye on things.
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What’s new?
SafeSearch is locked on for Bing, Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines. You can add kids right on the Family Safety website. For parents who are ready to give older kids a bit more responsibility, we’ve added a new setting that allows all websites but lets you know if kids go to potentially inappropriate ones. The Family Safety website gives parents control over when kids use the computer, what games they can play, and what programs they can run.
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Works great with Windows
Family Safety enhances the standard Parental Controls in Windows, adding remote management that you can use to change your child’s permissions online. Get session and website visit reports right from the Family Safety website—you don’t have to log on to your child’s PC. When installed on multiple PCs in the household, Family Safety enforces the same settings and combines reports from all PCs into one.
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Monitor activities easily
Use activity reports to easily review your kids’ online activities so you can teach them to use the Internet responsibly. Parents who want more control can use Family Safety to block inappropriate content or even limit kids to age-appropriate sites. You can also limit your kids’ email and instant messaging access to approved contacts on Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger, so that you’ll always know where your kids are hanging out online and who they might be talking to.
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Setup is a breeze
If you already have Windows accounts for your kids, you’re most of the way there. Windows Live IDs are not required for children. Just follow a few easy steps to get started, and then choose settings for each child’s web access.

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