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[Plugin] Multi | Version 017 | 2011-08-28 |

[Plugin] Multi | Version 017 | 2011-08-28 |

Hi all,
here a new plug-ins for the Empires and Allies Bot. This contains:

  • Wall (Make fake request and share to your friend.)
  • Neighbors (Visit your neighbors cities very faster.)
  • Building (Collect your building or cut tree in E&A.)
  • Sell (With that plug-in you can selll useless items.)
  • Multi (With that plug-in you can do many actions.)
  • Map (With that plugin can see your city in d map.)
  • Debug (That is debug code for other plugins is hi.)
  • Energy (Get Faster Energy full is 50 no add more.)
  • UnlimitedCoins (Patch by Synga.)
change log, latest

Publish version 017
2011-08-28 : Fix many error OOS but some error get from the z***a's server.
2011-08-28 : In BotClass.php add new code all update the codes.
2011-08-28 : Add code for the connection problem.
2011-08-28 : Add code to read only the enable plugin.2011-08-28 : Add new action in multi plugin in settings tab to see if have new update for plugins.
2011-08-28 : Add new code to check for server problems if have problem show in bot.2011-08-28 : Add code to get streakbonus in instrydu plugin.
2011-08-28 : Now the streakbonus is very faster without stuck nothing problem.
2011-08-28 : And many others fix.
Download the new version Multi17 here

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