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Telpon Gratis

Telpon Gratis

I made this thread because when I come up with thread "Free SMS Via Internet" many are asking how to make nelpon free via the internet. I was immediately made ​​this thread ....

I am sure that your friends will want to free speech and certainly want to linger in bertelpon. Or communicate. With some VoIP services, agan can do it for free conversation wherever located agan. Ane solution is software is Caller Friend! With this software, agan can talk as much up to the mouth of Dower!

As for how to use the following software like this:
1. Open a Friend program Caller [I include the download link at the bottom of this thread]
2. Once installed, open a Friend Caller from the desktop. To be able to use it in full, you must register first.
3. Press the register button to sign up, NOTE: Columns do not have the content Vouchers!
4. If you have a list, just login
5. If you want to call, tap the picture phone, just below the software
6. Enter your phone number [Do not Calling first]
7. Open Cheat Engine, it's up to whatever version
8. Click, open process
9. Click the Windows Process
10. Select Caller Friend, Open
11. Check speedhack
12. In callernya friend, press the phone to start calling
13. In enginenya cheat, love speedhacknya to the number "0"
14. Free nelpon

download cheat engine link: Open Only website, free
Link :  Download

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